Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DJs Produce's Robert Terra is News Sentinel Athlete of the Week

DJs Produce Athlete, Robert Terra, Wins in Triathlon Opener
By Lodi News-Sentinel Staff
Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Accomplishment: Robert Terra, a 13-year-old incoming eighth grader at Millswood Middle School, recently won the season opener of the TBF Racing's Tri-For-Kids at Rancho Seco Park.
Terra completed the 150-yard swim, 4-mile bike ride and one-mile run in a time of 22 minutes, 6 seconds, to place first in a field that featured nearly 150 kids.
Family: Guy and Michelle Terra, parents; one brother and one sister.
Favorite sport: Cycling, because it's fun.
"Even when I'm tired it's fun," Terra said.
Favorite athlete: Belgian cyclist Tom Boonen.
"He's one of the best (cycling) sprinters in the world," Terra said of Boonen, whom he met at the Tour of California this year.
Best sports moment: Winning the Scott Tinley's Adventures Triathlon last year in San Luis Obispo.
Worst sports moment: Terra says his baseball team lost in the championship game last year and the score wasn't close.
Favorite hobbies: Riding his bike and swimming.
Favorite subject: Social studies.
Would like to meet: Swiss cyclist Fabian Cancellara.
"A lot of people like him," Terra said.
Favorite local restaurant: Avenue Grill. Terra said his favorite dish is the strawberry French toast.
Dream vacation: Brussels, Belgium.
"Belgium is one of the top cycling countries in the world," Terra said.
Must-see tv: "River Monsters" on the Animal Planet channel.
Plans: To be a pro cyclist.
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Thank you Rocket Sports Racing Sponsors: DJs Produce, Wild West Designs, Riding for John, Stockton Bicycle Club, Delta Velo, In-Shape Health Clubs, Fuller Cycling, and City Bicycles of Lodi.
About Rocket Sports Foundation, Inc.: RSFI, is a not for profit corporation, is a group of athletes, volunteers and mentors committed to making bicycling and other endurance sports a fun and lifelong activity for people of all ages. Our activities help support two local youth cycling causes: the JETS (Junior Elite Talent Squad) which is composed of licensed junior USA Cycling and USA Triathlon athletes and the Sprocket Rockets, a recreational cycling program dedicated to helping children develop new friendships and healthy habits while learning cycling safety.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Katelyn Race Report: TBF Tri-for-Kids #1

Race Description: 50-yard swim, 4-mile bike, and a 1-mile run
Overall Rank: 15th out of 77 people in 10 & under
Division Rank: 4th in 10-year-old girls
Overall Time: 27:06
Pre-Race Routine: Go on a little ride & swim in the water before I started

Swim: 50-yard swim
Overall Rank:?
Division Rank:?
Water Temp: 60-70
Water Condition: Perfect
Wetsuit: None
Course: Start at an orange buoy, and then you swam around a person and into the swim finish
Start: towards the back
Pacing: perfect
Drafting: None
Navigation: Great
Comments: Best swim ever!!!!
What would I do differently next time: I would start in front

T1: Fast
Remove Goggles/Cap: Great
Helmet On/Suit Off @ same Time: N/A
Suit stuck on heels? N/A
Run w/ Bike: Great
Jump on Bike: Good
Getting up to speed: Great
Comments: Best T1 ever!!!!
What would I do differently next time: Nothing

Bike: 4 miles
Overall Rank:?
Division Rank:?
Wind: None
Course: 2-miles out and back
Gear Changes: Great
Eating/Drinking: None
Comments: Best bike ever!!!!!
What would I do differently next time: Nothing

T2: Great
Riding w/ feet on top of shoes: None
Jumping off bike: Great
Racking bike: Good
Running Shoes On/Helmet Off: Fast
Comments: Best T2 ever!!!
What would you do differently: Nothing

Run: 1 mile
Overall Rank: ?
Division Rank: ?
Pace: Easy
Course: out and back on a fire trail
Keeping cool: Great
Drink/Eat: None
Comments: Best run ever!!!!!
What would you do differently: nothing

Warm-Down: Walk around and stretch
Limiters: I was tired
Mental Effort: OK
Physical Effort: Tired & hurting

Congrats to all the DJ's Produce racers out there.
Thanks for reading,


Connor Race Report: Mokelumne River Challenge

Race Report:

Swim 1k
The swim was okay. I could have trained A LOT harder though. I wore my tri-suit and a wetsuit top over that. I wish I would have just worn the tri suit because the wetsuit was making it harder to move my arms. the water was a lot warmer then I thought it would be as well. I came out of the water around 7th place and in about 20 minutes.

Run 5k
I took the run too easy because I wasn’t sure what to expect for the paddle part still to come. I ran at a decent pace and moved up to 4th place. I think my run was somewhere around 21 minutes.

paddle-7 miles
I winged it on the paddle. I had never gone that far on a kayak before, and I wasn’t sure what it would be like. I was on a white water kayak instead of a flat water kayak, which made navigating a lot harder. I got passed by one person after another and it seemed like I would never make it to the turn around point. Eventually I did, and then I got passed by a lot more people on the way back too. My hands started to blister which only made things worse.

I wish that I would have gone out harder on the run. I took it easy because I wasn’t sure if running hard would make me too tired to kayak. I also wish that I had trained for the swim (the farthest I have swam was 800 yards and that was labor day of 09).

My overall time was 2 hours and 27 minutes and I got 3rd in my age group. (My age group was 15-17 and the winner was 17 and his birthday was tomorrow!) After talking to some other competitors, we agreed that, next year, the run should be farther and the paddle should be shorter.

Connor Phillips

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ryan Race Report: TBF USAT Youth Development Triathlon

Race Description: 800 yd swim, 16 mile bike, 3 mile run

Overall Rank: 45 out of 539
Division Rank: 2nd in USAT Youth Division
Overall Time: 1:25:54

Pre-Race Routine: I ate breakfast, set up transition, stretched and then waited for my bike (For those of you that don't know, my bike fell off the rack on the way to the TT in Sacramento and it broke my fork. Because of this I had to use a friend's bike for the race. She also had to get a ride in that morning so I was very nervous and was hoping she'd be back in time. She was so I could finally stop worrying and focus on my race!!!)
Swim: 800 meters
Time: Around 12 min.
Overall Rank: ???
Division Rank: 4th or 5th so I was very proud of that and was also very surprised
Pace: around 1:30 per hundred
Water Temp: 70s
Water Condition: smooth as glass
Wetsuit: full
Course: out 200 m. right turn, 400 m. right turn, 200 m. back in
Start: right in the front
Pacing: great
Drafting: I drafted off two different people for the whole race
Navigation: excellent
Comments: Thanks to all the swim coaching, I finally had a great swim
What would I do differently next time: nothing

T1: Fast
Remove Goggles/Cap: great
Helmet On/Suit Off @ same Time: No
Suit stuck on heels? NO thanks to all the pam
Run w/ Bike: good
Jump on Bike: good
Getting up to speed: good
Comments: pretty fast for me
What would I do differently next time: nothing

Bike: 16 miles
Time: around 50 min
Overall Rank: ???
Division Rank: ???
Pace: 19 mph
Wind: none
Course: out and back
Gear Changes: only used about three gears
Eating/Drinking: good except that my aero bottle kept falling out so I had to hold it the whole ride so I couldn't get much water
Comments: felt really strong
What would I do differently next time: not break my fork three days before a big race

T2: Really fast
Riding w/ feet on top of shoes: perfect
Jumping off bike: perfect
Racking bike: good
Running Shoes On/Helmet Off: NO
Comments: All the powder and body glide on the heel of my running shoes helped me slip them on and is a good suggestion if you have trouble getting your shoes on
What would you do differently: Nothing

Run: 3 miles
Time: 20-22 min.
Overall Rank: ???
Division Rank: ???
Pace: ???
Course: out and back on a fire trail
Keeping cool: good
Drink/Eat: none
Comments: could have pushed harder but wanted to finish strong
What would you do differently: go out easier and finish stronger

Warm-Down: stretched and walked around a bit
Mental Effort: great
Physical Effort: great
OVERALL: a great day at the races

Congratulations to all the DJ's Produce athletes and all the podiums

Thanks for reading, Ryan

Sophia Race Report USAT Junior Devo Triathlon at Rancho Seco

Race Report-Sophia Fuller-Rancho Seco Sprint Triathlon
Pre-Race: I woke up at 4:30 and had all my stuff laid out for the triathlon. I ate a light breakfast and got dressed and got my stuff in the car before settling down for the long car ride. When I got there, I set up my transition area and found some of my teammates and began talking to them. About half an hour later, I quickly put on my wetsuit and went down to the water. The distances would be the longest that I have ever raced all together. An 800yd swim, 16 mile bike, and 5K run, I knew this was going to be a challenge.
Swim: The person rang the bell and we took off. I had to position myself to go right towards the first buoy and I swam about at a medium pace. I'll just say that I was glad that I had my wetsuit, some people were talking about the cold before the race started. I got around the first, second, and 3rd buoys no problem, I knew the swim was going to be the easiest for me because I do about 4 times more than that every day and my swim practice. As I went through the balloon tunnel/swim finish, i pulled off my swim cap and the arms to my wetsuit.
Transition 1: I sat down at my transition area and pulled my legs out of the wetsuit. I quickly half-dried my feet and pulled on my bike shoes. I threw on my helmet and sunglasses, quickly unracked my bike and ran through the transition.
Bike: The first part of the bike was easy. I was only passed by 20-30(?) year old men throughout the whole bike portion. The bike course was kind of hilly and at the end after going as hard as I could and staying in my arrow bars basically the entire time, I was dying. I passed one girl that looked about my age while going back. I literally felt like I was going to pass out. I was relieved to get close to the end of the bike and got ready to quickly jump off my bike.
Transition 2: I racked my bike, threw down my helmet, changed shoes as quickly as possible, and grabbed my race belt. I then jogged to the run start feeling as though I was going to throw up.
Run: It was the longest 5k I had ever done. I have only done 2 or 3 5k's before that race and those were hard for me too. I grabbed water at all the water stations. My stride was shorter than usual, the sun was burning into me and I felt as though I was going to melt on the spot. The rocks and loose dirt did wonders for this problem, adding peril to everything else. I was again passed by mostly grown men who looked like they were runners. At the end I heard a girl named Emma running up right behind me. She was my age and I felt I needed to beat her. I sprinted and left everything I had on that course. I ended up getting 4th in my age group, with a time of 1:43:42.
Congratulations to Kayton Avilla (overall USAT winner), Ryan Messersmith, and Mark Whittock (USAT age group winner) for competing and doing well in the race.
Thanks for reading, Sophia

Robert TBF Triathlon Win Interview

Stuart Fuller Race Report June 6, 2010. TBF Tri-for-Kids.

Stuart Fuller Race Report June 6, 2010. TBF Tri-for-Kids.
Pre-Race: I saw teammate, Bowen, first thing and we hung out together as we were getting our transition areas ready. I made sure mine was closest to the run start.
Swim: I moved up in age group, so I was able to swim with my teammate, Robert Terra. I was looking to see who I was racing against. When we lined up I noticed it was 11-14 y/o and girls racing together. We swam 150 yards in the lake. I was 10th or so out of the water.
T1: I ran to my area so I could get ready for the bike part. I dried of my feet, got my shoes on, and grabbed my helmet. I got my bike off the rack and ran to the bike mount line.
Bike: I went to my aerobars from the beginning. In front of I saw girl I saw a girl wobbling on her bike. I was hoping she would regain her balance. I saw her go down and looked like it hurt a lot. I had to pass her. Next was a speed bump, so I grabbed the bull horn handlebars. At the turn around point there was a group of four that I wanted to pass. I went down to my aerobars again and that is how I caught up to them. I just went as fast as I could to the bike dismount line.
T2: I racked my bike, but I while I was doing that my pedal scraped my ankle. I unclipped my helmet and hooked it on my bike, I went down to grab my race belt, and I was off on the run.
Run: At the aid station for the water I did not want any so I just ran past it. I just tried to keep myself on an easy pace. There was a downhill I ran down. I went to the turnaround point and turned around. I then went down another downhill. I looked behind me and another 11 y/o, Jason, was on my heals. I sprinted ahead trying to stay in front, and held him off to the line.
Finish: I waited for Bowen to come to the line (he raced 10 y/o's). I waited to run to the finish line with him. When Bowen finished I went to congratulate him. After that we walked around and waited for the awards to start. I won second place in my age group.
Thanks for reading, Stuart